Monday, November 27, 2023

The Master Plan Survey is ready for your input

Click here to take the Franklin Master Plan Survey (via Google Form)

What is the Master Plan Update Committee?
"The Town Council has established the Master Plan Update Committee to update the 2013 town-wide Master Plan.

The Committee will:
  • Review the current Master Plan and existing planning documents, data and achievements;
  • Identify the key issues facing the community in the next ten years; 
  • Assist in the identification of existing conditions and conduct trends analysis;
  • Recommend goals and objectives related to Franklin's future;
  • Develop a clear action plan for the Town of Franklin; and
  • Make a final report to the Planning Board within 18 months from the date of ratification of the Committee members."
Shared from the Town of Franklin Master Plan Update Cmte page -> 

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