Thursday, May 16, 2024

Franklin Democratic Town Committee Passes Resolution in Support of the Make Polluters Pay Legislation

The Franklin Democratic Town Committee is proud to announce that it has unanimously passed a resolution in support of the Make Polluters Pay Bill, champion by State Representative Steve Owens and State Senator Jamie Eldridge. The legislation is officially entitled, An Act Establishing A Climate Change Superfund, And Promoting Polluters Responsibility, (H.872/S.481) which is currently being considered in committee.

The Polluters Pay Bill is similar to the EPA’s superfund system, requiring polluters to pay to clean up toxic sites and waterways. The Bill Would require big oil to pay into a trust fund For the purpose of mitigating the damage that greenhouse gases have done to our environment. The Bill would provide funds for infrastructure projects that directly benefit environmental justice populations. It will also fund, preparing and recovery from extreme weather events, infrastructure to protect coastal communities, protecting and improving our electrical grid and so much more.

Big oil has known for a long time the damage carbon pollution has been doing to our environment, costing communities millions of dollars in damages and endangering the health and safety of citizens. Now it’s time for them to pay back. By passing this resolution, the Franklin Democratic Town Committee is sending a clear message that it stands with the residents of Franklin and the state of Massachusetts in advocating for strong environmental policies that prioritize the health and well-being of our communities.

"We believe that it is essential for polluters to take responsibility for the harm they cause to our environment," said Rachel Plukas,, Chair of the Franklin Democratic Town Committee. "By supporting the Make Polluters Pay legislation, we are standing up for clean air, clean water, and a sustainable future for all residents of Franklin and beyond."

Franklin Democratic Town Committee
Franklin Democratic Town Committee 

We encourage residents to contact the state legislature and voice support for (H.872 S.481) Polluters Pay Bill.

For more information about the Franklin Democratic Town Committee and its initiatives, please visit our website at, or contact Rachel Plukas at

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