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Saturday, January 1, 2022

Boston Globe: "In memoriam of victims of domestic violence"

"For more than 30 years, advocates for victims of domestic violence have maintained a tragic roll call of intimate partner deaths in Massachusetts. Although this state ranks near the bottom of domestic abuse homicides nationally, each death echoes in an expanding ring of trauma, often involving children. This year, according to Jane Doe Inc., a coalition of organizations working against domestic violence and sexual assault, 13 women and one man were allegedly killed by their partners, two of whom then committed suicide. Another victim was simply associated with a target. At least 23 children are now without a parent.

In a strange way, the list is a testament to the success of Massachusetts gun laws, as most of the victims had not been shot. Nationally, firearms are used in 54 percent of fatal domestic violence cases; in Massachusetts it is closer to 30 percent. Without the swift lethality of guns, some victims have a better chance of surviving or escaping. This state also has a robust network of programs and organizations where targets of abuse can find protection, keeping the numbers relatively low."
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Cathleen Liberty, Franklin Health Director, talks with Marcia Szymanski, Executive Director of New Hope, in this episode of The Topic.

The Topic: 003 - Marcia Symanski - New Hope
The Topic: 003 - Marcia Symanski - New Hope

Sunday, December 19, 2021

NEW HOPE, Inc. CEO Issues Statement On Alleged Domestic Violence Homicide Murder In Franklin, MA

Marcia Szymanski, CEO, New Hope Inc. offer condolences to the family of the Shirley Branco Owen who was murdered on Friday, December 17, 2021. New Hope also is able to offer support to family and friends of Ms. Owen.

In response to yesterday’s alleged domestic violence homicide in Franklin, the police were able to apprehend the suspect, Ms. Owen’s ex-husband, thus there is no danger to the community at-large.  

New Hope, Inc.’s Executive Director and President, Marcia Szymanski, issued a statement to inform the community about services available to them. New Hope, Inc. provides domestic violence services to 41 communities, including Franklin.  New Hope has offices in both Attleboro and Milford to assist survivors of domestic violence with safety planning, obtaining restraining orders, and other legal protections to ensure their safety. These services are free of charge.

New Hope President and CEO, Marcia Szymanski, stated, “We want to inform the public that New Hope has a 24-hour, toll-free hotline available to survivors and witnesses to violence, as well as to concerned family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors who may need support.  Our hotline is 1-800-323-HOPE (4673), and we encourage anyone who may be in need of our services to call and get help.”

New Hope, Inc.’s domestic and sexual violence services include the  24-hour hotline (1-800-323-HOPE), two emergency shelters for survivors fleeing violent homes, counseling services for adults and children, a supervised visitation center where non-custodial parents can visit in a safe supervised setting with their children due to domestic violence and other issues, court-based legal advocacy to help survivors obtain restraining orders, safety planning, an intimate partner abuse education program, education/outreach services.  

New Hope, Inc. is a registered 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization, whose mission is “To create communities free from violence and exploitation.”  For more information, visit  


Find out more about New Hope and their work. Listen to the recent episode of The Topic with Franklin Health Director Cathleen Liberty and Marcia Szymanski  =>