Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Franklin Schools - MCAS Report for 2007

Michelle Kingston Smith, Director, Instructional Services, presented the following report to the School Committee during the December 11, 2007 meeting.

The report can be found on the district web site so you can follow along with the recording.

The audio for this presentation can be found here.
(Note: There is a delay during the beginning of the presentation as the presentation laptop is rebooted. Superintendent Ogden fills in the time with an update on a special education teacher that will need to be hired to meet the requirements of two 3-year olds registering in the district during February. They are hearing impaired.)

My notes taken during the presentation

EQA audit
4 -Commendations for district
Higher MCAS scores
Strong curriculum alignment with state frameworks
Professional development
Mentoring program

“High performing” district
Aggregate outperformed the state
105 students awarded the J&A Adams scholarship based upon Grade 10 performance

Grade 8 was 2 full performance ratings above the state
9th grade Biology out performed the state by two ratings

Low income and special education subgroups are underperforming according to plan (although they are higher than the state)

Subgroups dropping in science where state subgroups are improving, overall i.e. aggregate numbers are rating “High”

K different world for writing, important to be developmentally appropriate and feed to upper grades

K-12 literacy plan
District wide, draft philosophy
Identify core instructional expectations, assessment practices
Action plan for identifying and implementing

“Middle school culture is redhot with factors that affect student performance”
Media, choices kids have, forced choices with family environment, so many variables

Audit shows the curriculum is aligned
Quality assessment, engagement and motivation, how do you measure that?

Current 10th graders will need to pass science and technology test to graduate

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