Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pay to Ride - discussion only item

The Pay-to-Ride letters need to get out to parents for next year. The pricing in the letter is dependent upon the status of the override coming June 10th.

$39,600 cost of late bus for FY 2009

If the family pays-to-ride and goes home late, they don't pay the extra dollar for the late bus
If the family qualifies for the reduced lunch program, they don't pay for the late bus

Pay-to-Ride sign ups are required in June for next September
provides time for the bus company to prepare the number of buses required

If the override passes, no change in pricing
If the override fails, there is a proposal for a $100 increase in the fee

Ogden recommends issuing the letter with pricing based upon the successful override
with a way for families to opt out if the override fails and they choose not to pay the increase required from the failed override.

updated 8:00 PM

layman's attempt at fuel escalation clause
bus company commits to provide a set amount of services for the year in advance
with fuel costs above and below a certain price, with in a range they absorb the difference
above the range, the cost is passed on to Franklin

Are all the students using the late bus, paying when they are supposed?
Probably not, probably a small amount

concern over time line for notification to bus company and override results
major negotiation point is in July, other opportunities before school opens and just after school opens

GATRA is an alternative, assuming their ridership builds
It would be a slower, longer ride given the nature of their route

admits the school committee hasn't voted on a total budget

if you don't sign up, there is no guarantee that there will be a seat for the children if you wait
it would be better to sign up, and if necessary, withdraw

There was a significant wait list last year and some of those on the list ended up taking part of the two added buses but the families had to wait until the buses come online.

How late can we wait?


Schools share the late bus

Pure energy and bio-diesel fuel?

we did investigate it, does not know if it was applied for
will follow up with Mike D'Angelo

supports recommendation to go with this years rate and appropriate language to opt out as required

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