Monday, July 28, 2008

FM #6 - 5 Things: SchCom 7/15/08

Another in a series of podcast on what matters in Franklin, MA. This one focuses on the 5 things you should know from the School Committee meeting 7/15/08.

TIme: 26 minutes, 9 seconds

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Music intro

My intro

Five things today: What you need to know from the school committee meeting on 7/15/08
  1. Citizens comment
  2. Final budget for FY09
  3. Budget for year end FY08
  4. Fiscal audit status
  5. Late bus returns
1 - My intro what you’ll hear
• Citizen comment from Herbert Hunter, 432 Oakland Parkway; Brick School Assoc
• Questioning agenda items, Asst Supt. Maureen Sabolinski updates the agenda immediately after

Final status on the Brick Classroom remains outstanding

2 - Intro on FY09
• Miriam Goodman updates on the final budget for FY 09 with all adjustments (override, facility transfer, etc.)
• Final budget number for FY09 - $49,940,242

I understand that the School Committee has been over this a number of times before but this is “show time” and a little more information around what the budget means would have been good.

3 - Intro on FY 08
• Miriam updates on the FY 08 budget finish, approx $200K unencumbered, likely to end up about 100K left over

4 - Intro on Audit
• Miriam continues and updates on the Audit report and action items

Again some closing comments to help the viewers would be good to frame the discussion and prevent unanswered questions

5 - Intro on late bus, Supt Ogden provides overview on the four options for the late bus
• Due to increased ridership, above the budgeted amount, the late bus can stay with support from the extra funding from pay-to-ride, Ed Cafasso comments, 41mins

Did you follow that? The budget started with a decline in ridership with the increase in fees. Now that the ridership is higher, the increase in fees will raise more revenue than they had projected. This increase in revenue is enough at this point to allow for covering the late bus. They will continue to monitor the situation closely. We get another update in one of the August meetings (Aug 12th or 26th)


This podcast has been a public service provided to my fellow Franklin citizens and voters by Steve Sherlock

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