Wednesday, August 13, 2008

FM #8 - Storm Water Presentation

Another in a series of podcasts on Franklin(MA) Matters, this one focusing on the DPW presentation on storm water and how they propose to handle it including a possible new fee. This presentation is from the July 23, 2008 Town Council meeting.

Time: 21 minutes, 53 seconds

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Session Notes:

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My intro

I was on vacation last week and missed both the School Committee and Town Council meetings on August 5th and 6th.

I tried to obtain a DVD copy of the meetings from the Library and was surprised that they only have meetings from April on hand currently. Maybe you knew this already. It was the first time I tried to get this copy. Apparently, the cable company brings over 3 months of meetings at a time. So the next delivery would bring over May, June and July but the first week of August meetings would not be available until November.

Anyway, from the Town Council meeting on 7/23/08 there was the full DPW presentation on storm water handling that was too long to include in the last session.

This segment is about 18 minutes. It includes the full DPW resentation but not the Q&A with the councilors after the presentation.


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