Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Live reporting - Action Items

4. Action Items:
  • I recommend acceptance of the donation of various scientific supplies, glassware, equipment, safety and storage resources by Spherics, Incorporated for the Franklin High School. Accepted - 6-0
  • I recommend approval of the FPS Handbooks Accepted - 6-0
  • I recommend adoption of Policy KF – Building Use Accepted - 6-0
  • I recommend adoption of Policy Manual Review:
o Policy BCG – Policy Revision & Review
o Policy BCG-E – Policy Manual Review Procedure
o Policy BGB – Policy Adoption
o Policy BGF – Suspension of Policies
o Policy BIBA – School Committee Conferences, Conventions & Workshops
as detailed above (paperwork in discussion section).

All policies Accepted - 6-0

  • I recommend acceptance of a check for $400.00 from the JFK PCC for bus fee for a Kindergarten field trip to Southwick Zoo on May 16, 2008. Accepted - 6-0

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