Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Live reporting - high school scheduling problem

Last run of students revealed about 200 students with an opening on the schedule. Can't have study hall by law. Uncapped science to increase enrollment and that took some of the pressure off.

Still had 160-170 left to cover. One English teacher left for an other opportunity. We could replace that person but it wouldn't solve the problem. A social study teacher would not solve the problem.

Increasing a music person (using the English person slot) would solve the problem. By adding back this music, choral position we can solve the scheduling problem.

Why can't we stick them in study halls.

Since 1996, study halls have been banned by the Department of Education.

What did this do to the English class sizes?

It did bump it up a little. The issue is with this electives and English is not generally taken as an elective, it is required and taken then. It is a public perception. This is a transfer of a position, not an add back in.

Bottom line:
Some choral programs are back with the hiring of a music teacher to backfill for an English teacher who recently resigned.

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