Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Live reporting - School Committee meeting 9/23/08

Full committee present this evening: Armenio, Cafasso, Kelly Mullen, Roy, Rohrbach, Trahan

Student Representatives: Pat Slight, Brittany MacLeod

Call to order Mr. Roy

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of Silence

1. Routine Business
  • Citizen’s Comments -
Chandler Creedon, President of Franklin Teachers Association
asking for the School Committee to endorse the vote against the Question 1
a similar vote garnered 45% of the vote in an earlier election, early polls show that this could very well pass if the public is not fully informed of what impact it could have

would serve to damage our economy, would force property tax increases

those who would say NH has a better model without a personal income tax, should realize that their property taxes are #1 in the nation

  • Review of Agenda
Action item # 3 from Remington to be reworked and brought forward in a future meeting
  • Minutes: I recommend approval of the minutes from the September 9, 2008 School Committee Meeting.
Motion to approve - unanimous
  • Payment of Bills Mr. Kelly
Motion to approve - unanimous
  • Payroll Ms. Armenio
  • FHS Student Representatives
Cabaret, a theater production in the cafeteria
progress reports already
SAT exams on Saturday
project to watch the media for specific individuals; Ogden, Sabolinski included in the search
  • Correspondence

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