Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Live reporting - high school experience

Director: Pandora Carlucci

Facilitors: Kristin Letendre, Kristy Yankee

A first year program to help incoming students to adapt to the high school experience

Student perspective: Emma Kripp

interested in the Freshman transition
The Freshman Collaborative was a good program but the felt there was more to do

four day course, team building/project adventure
incorporated the 7 Habits for Highly Effective Teens

started each day with an ice breaker, merging students from the four middle schools helped to get to know some others they may not have come across before

academic sessions on English, Science, and Math

worked on items from the 7 Habits
goal setting, mission statement creation, collaborative worj
time management, planning

liked the program, it helped a lot
coming from the Charter School was an adjustment
met four of her five teachers during the program
I think they should continue this for future classes

next year, get locker assignments
get schedule and planner during the session
to meet some of the Freshman guidance counselors
would like a greater participation of incoming students
incorporate some professional development for teachers to help

good work, had heard about it and this filled in some gaps

how do students get lost?

on email conferences, communications between parents and teachers as soon as issues arise


Did students have to pay?

How are you going to increase the enrollment?

Start earlier, spread word of mouth


Carlucci, Gould:
Scholarship form is available on the website
The more people sign up, the cheaper it will be
logistics were being worked up still so we were later this year than we would like to be

sell the t-shirts at Stop&Shop
would have you any this else?

I would add a history teacher

Mrs Kipp:
This was great, I wish this had been available for my son who also came from the Charter School to the high school.

Loved to observe the culture and climate created during the week

The poster overview of the High School Experience program, including the t-shirt!

SchCom - High School Experience

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