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In the news - redistricting, online video lectures

Posted Oct 31, 2008 @ 11:49 PM


In recent meetings, the School Committee has broached the possibility of redistricting local schools, but officials say it is a long way off, and any changes will be minor.

"The most important thing for parents to know is, neither the School Committee nor I anticipate any redistricting this year or next year," said Superintendent Wayne Ogden.

Leaders are considering redistricting because some schools, such as Sullivan Middle, are overcrowded, while others like Jefferson Elementary, have available space. The imbalance has resulted in the need to ship some kids around, said School Committee Chairman Jeffrey Roy.

"It's just trying to balance out the schools and make sure we're maximizing space in every building," said Roy.

Read the full article in the Milford Daily News here


Want a free education? A brief guide to the burgeoning world of online video lectures.

By Jeffrey MacIntyre November 2, 2008

RESERVE ANOTHER LAUREL for Edward O. Wilson, the Pellegrino University Professor emeritus at Harvard, serial Pulitzer winner, and prominent intellectual: online celebrity.

Forget Charlie Rose - Wilson has Google for a soapbox. Amid the amateur-hour piffle of YouTube "talent" and skateboarding dogs, the famed botanist stands in bold relief, with more than 500 Google video search results to his credit: Interviews ranging far afield of TV shows to a spate of appearances on several Web-only video platforms such as,,, and the online home of the Technology Entertainment Design (TED) conference.

Read the full article in the Boston Globe here

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