Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Live reporting - Best Buddies

2. Guests/Presentations
Art Streeter, Sue Streeter, (Mark ?)

Annie Sullivan, Horace Mann and FHS have chapters for Best Buddies

Awarded 1st scholarship for a May 2008 graduate from FHS

Best Buddies International has money to grant to the local Franklin chapters due to the efforts of the groups over the past several years.

The grants would be used to extend friendships beyond the classroom.

The grants would be modeled upon the FEF grant process.


FHS Principal Pam Gould
Miriam Connolly
Erin Miller

Looking to have a Best Buddies prom within the local area.
Might just start with Franklin but would like to expand it as it can.
Looking for a "free hall" sometime in March, approx 150.

Dec 22 - Foxboro's and Eaton will be coming to FHS for a holiday party

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