Saturday, December 13, 2008

MBTA Parking - pay by phone?

Found on the UniversalHub:

The MBTA has begun experimenting with a system that lets commuter-rail and ferry riders pay for parking by cell phone instead by rolling up all those dollar bills to stuff into those tiny slots at parking lots.

The new system, at parking lots along the Kingston line and at the Quincy and Hingham commuter-boat terminals, lets riders set up accounts and then dial a toll-free number to have the day's parking fee charged to their credit cards:

Upon creating a free pay by phone account, customers call the toll free number from their mobile phone, key in the location and parking numbers, and the parking fee is charged to their credit/debit card.

Thanks, adamg!

Gee is there enough bandwidth for dozens of phones calls to connect at the same time? Let's hope that is part of the pilot.

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