Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Live reporting - new business

Q - to use SurveyMonkey to try and determine how many 8th graders would be moving up to the high school.

Ogden - would want to extend it to all the parents as other choices are being made that we should know about. Forced choice responses are easily calculated, open answers are more difficult to calculate quickly.

Q - test some of their knowledge of the facts of the high school, like graduation rate some things that are more not known (but should be).

Sabolinski - begin with the end in mind, if the focus is to move additional resources to the high school, we need to be careful. Would the middle school faculty be concerned? If we get the data, we need to be responsive to it.

Can use this information to help focus the Panther Pride night.

Roy - develop some questions and let's review them together before they go out.

Rohrbach - endorsing consideration of EdLine or some electronic means of communication, can save paper.

Sabolinski - One day closed door, teachers, administrators, workshop next week to discuss technology needs for the district.

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