Friday, February 6, 2009

Financial Plng Comm 02/05/09

This is the summary of the live reporting for the meeting 2/5/09


  1. Hi, one of the questions I would like to see addressed is; " How many positions/functions in Franklin are "mandatory" (via Fed, State, Local law)? And in follow-up, why aren't Police and Fire "mandatory"? I think the asking and answering of this question would give people an idea of just how much of Franklin's spending is out of Franklin's control. It may also challenge people to explore how spending "mandatories" are created and for who's benefit. Thanks!! Great site!

  2. Good questions, let me work on getting answers to those. Public safety is a great concern but at least with all I have heard, it is not mandatory.

    The issue with mandates is generally with not funding them. A good example was the one raised just recently about cleaning the school musical instruments. You can read about that here: