Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Live reporting - Administrator update/Council Comments

Administrator updates:

Community builders working by the ice rink should have construction complete by the end of the year.

No immediate need to take action on the $300,000 cut by the state, this will be absorbed.

FY 2010 will be short about $5.2 million, there will be layoffs to account for that deficit. Early in March will be looking for the council to set direction on priorities.

Also provided an update on the hotel/meal tax which could account for approx. $850,000 for Franklin.

Whalen - Are we getting a report from Mike on the New Year's incident?
Nutting - pulling together the insurance numbers now, we can come back early in March with the full package.

Zollo - perhaps Nutting should make a presentation on where the numbers are coming from for the budget to help ensure accurate information.
Nutting - should be able to do so for the March 4th meeting

McGann - Veterans monument ordered and possible for arrival by Memorial Day

Doak - capital subcommittee report, I want to thank Brutus (DPW Director) for creative thinking to arrange for additional savings for the replacement of two pieces of equipment.

Mason - thank the various department heads for putting together reasonable requests. Thanks to Brutus and the DPW for a fine job keeping the roads clean. It has been a tough season but they have done well.

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