Thursday, February 5, 2009

Live reporting - Financial Plng - continued

There are elements within each department where no matter how well we do planning, the factors are beyond our control.

The schools are data rich. The key measures are MCAS scores, per pupil expense, comparisons on administration, teacher salaries, and class size.

The issue with the schools is the decrease in local support of the budget, i.e. the state is paying more and more as a percent of the total school expense. We will soon get to a point where we hit the minimum level for the town to support the school. When we hit that, by law, the town side of the budget will definitely take a hit as the schools will take the money.

Compelling story behind accreditation that we are missing out on except for the high school, and even there, we are in tough shape with a "warning" status now and unless something happens with the facility to help the science labs and technology

Graduation Rate at Franklin High School
  • 92% 2006
  • 94% 2007
  • 96% 2008
We have increased the graduation rate despite the losses of teachers. What that means is that there are 14-16 more students who walked out the door with a diploma in their hand than did in 2006.

March 5th is the planning point for trail review with the focus group. Maybe we should wait to set the forum date until we have the deliverable?

We need to have something when the numbers for the 2010 budget come out.

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