Thursday, February 26, 2009


Digging around the SustainLane web site initially found here, I find there is a series of posts on greenbusters. Recall the popular Discovery Channel show - Mythbusters; these are focused on green myths and you get the full scoop on each. For example:

Myth: It's best never to touch your thermostat. Read More »

Myth: It's okay to throw something away as long as it's biodegradable. Read More »

Myth: Washing laundry in hot water is the only way to kill bacteria and get things really clean—just like my mom told me. Read More »

Myth: Dog poop is natural, so it’s okay to leave it behind. Read More »

Myth: It takes more energy to turn a light off and back on than it does to keep it running. Read More »

Check out all the Greenbusters here

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