Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Live reporting - Asst Supt Candidate

2. Guests/Presentations

b. Assistant Superintendent Candidate – Sally Winslow

Maureen introduced the changes being made choosing to replacing herself and Linda Waters' position indirectly. Bottomline they are collapsing two roles into one, and restructuring the role so that the Director of Special Ed could be replaced without complicating the issue with the PPS requirements.

Sally then presents her background and development
She came up through King Phillip and most recently Dover

She had involvement with budget development and monitoring
the special education budget takes up a huge portion of the overall district
has written grants, there is not a day in Spec Ed that there is not some crisis being managed
has lead districts through cycle reviews

one big piece is the parent relationship
she has been active in school and district wide initiatives
balanced literacy, second year at Dover
brought in Everyday Math two years ago at Dover (already here in Franklin)

Graduate of FHS
Lives in Plainville with husband and two daughters
Class of 1973, the second class to graduate from the new high school
had previously done double sessions at Horace Mann
family is life long Franklin residents

Her mother worked at the high school answering the phone
Sally volunteered a lot during school, summers with the Rec Dept.
She has a personal experience with the town

Leadership and comunication style
Team player, will work collaboratively
try to gain consensus, not afraid to articulate the bottomline
has worked with wonderful principals
try to lead by example, strong work ethic
try to be concise, clear, listen important

phone calls, emails acknowledgement important
being proactive on a regular basis, to avoid surprises
working to balance an open door policy (being accessible) with getting things done

would be in her current position until June 30th
there are things that could be done between now and then as schedule permits
would love to get to the schools before the school year ends
you might even see me lurking about at some school committee meetings

explore creative ways to provide a high quality education that Franklin has been known for

Her dad lived all his life here in Franklin, he did not take a vacation
he would go to Uncas Pond
he had an 8th grade education due to the depression
one of the happiest days he had was when I graduated and was part of the second class of women admitted into Holy Cross
He is probably even happier today looking over me here talking with you about a position with the district.

Cafass0 - I think you are a great fit for this, Maureen is very smart to be able to attract someone like you, what is your sense of the reputation of this district for Special Ed?

Winslow - I think you have been very good, you managed your own kids and we would only get those you just couldn't serve. I think that when you have capacity to build programs that is very good. I would like look at the programs and see how we can sustain them and perhaps expand them.

Cafasso - what do you think about the duel role your getting into?

Winslow - I am excited about it. It will be somewhat of a work in progress, figuring things out as the year goes.

Patrick Slight - Is there anything that you have at Dover that you could bring here?

Winslow - that is a very good question. I'd like to look at pre-evaluation to see how we can help that here.

Rohrbach - How will it be working with Maureen where you share some roles.

Winslow - Similar thought process to Maureen, we have not worked together for 12 years. We will have to find out how we can compliment each other in that way.

Roy - What 2 or three bullets attracted you to the school district?

Winslow - attract wonderful teachers, and administrators, do really well despite the budget issues

I have a lot of energy and can't wait to get into the schools to really see what there and how I can help.

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