Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Live reporting - Administrator, and closing

Thanks to the DPW for the never-ending winter we are having.

Thanks to Jim Dacey and Susan Gagner for their work to gain us an upgrade on our bond rating which saves us $100,000 in interest.

Compliment Allen Earl's new book on Franklin, available in local bookstores

Group working to make the rail trail a reality as an other recreation use in Franklin, contact Jeff Nutting if interested in helping out.

Food Pantry met with Chris Feeley, a pretty positive meeting. We are looking for a new location.

Old business - none
New business -
Vallee - are delinquencies up in this economy?
Nutting - actually no, the banks are tending to pay to protect their property

Councilor Comments
Bartlett - TV Trivia is the theme for the next FEF Trivia Bee is coming March 19th

Move to executive session
roll call - unanimous

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