Thursday, March 5, 2009

Live reporting - Financial Planning Committee

Attending: Roche, Cameron, Hardesty, Ogden, Trahan, Whalen, Wilschek (late), Bartlett (late), Nutting (late)
Absent: Kelly, Zollo,

Review of Steve Whalen's charts/tables. He updated the numbers he has prepared for the past two years. He has two new charts, one that shows Franklin is third from the bottom in percent of revenue from property taxes (~46%). Another shows Franklin at the top of the listing in terms of the percent of revenue from the state (~30%)

Need to look at the past history across the state for operational vs. debt override results, what does that show, would be good to have.

Reviewing the draft compiled by Doug Hardesty: Working through the draft, page by page, looking carefully for the wording and what it conveys to try and get the message tight and accurate.

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