Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Live reporting - Planning update


1. Update – Mike D’Angelo
postponed until 3/18/09 meeting so McGann can participate

2. Update – Bryan Taberner, Director of Planning

NewStyle building - working underway

Priority development sites and economic opportunity areas
will raise attention to the area for development
two resolutions before you to take action in this area
Tax Increment Financing (TIF) proposed as part of these areas

Pond Street parcel approved for priority development as requested earlier
Should hear next week on the grant application for up to $60K
This would help streamline the processing of permits, etc within the town
as well as to help market the parcel itself

Now that the parcel is a priority development site, the State will help us to market the site

What we have to do is to develop the process, stick to it, and guarantee a 180 approval process
We are already well within 180 days for most approvals today

Difference between the priority development and economic opportunity is that the owners need to sign off on the priority development individually, they do not need to sign off on the economic opportunity proposal

Skipping ahead to those resolutions in the agenda

5. Resolution 09-13: Creation of Forge Park Economic Opportunity Area
This enables the possibility of a TIF agreement but does not guarantee it. The Council still has final say on the TIF.

Motion to approve 7-0

6. Resolution 09-14: Creation of Franklin Industrial Park Economic Opportunity Area

Motion to approve 7-0

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