Friday, June 26, 2009

Cafe Dolce offers catering

Cafe Dolce, the new coffee shop in downtown Franklin is expanding into catering. Open since April, Cafe Dolce has established a good morning and lunch business. After 3:00 PM, things tend to get quieter. Catering is one way to leverage the business operation that owners BJ Carlucci and Dave Purpura are exploring. They have promoted Lisa Hall to Director of Catering to focus on this effort.

Lisa has a good background in catering and event planning. She started her first operation (Little Feast Catering and Events) as a part-time effort and grew the business to a full time profitable operation. She operated in New York City beginning in 1991 and then in Burlington, VT. She relocated to Holliston early this year, where she answered a Craigslist ad for Cafe Dolce. Her email response lead to an interview and to being hired. Lisa was behind the counter when Cafe Dolce opened.

Lisa and I sat down at Cafe Dolce recently to review her plans. A meeting, event, or party for 10 or more is what Lisa will look to help you with. She is looking to use the sandwiches and salads that Cafe Dolce offers as the starting point. The customized menu would include food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It can be extended as far and wide (within reason) as necessary to create a great experience.

She wants to make the presentation appropriate for a catered event by serving in fine crafted wicker baskets in addition to trays. Call Lisa and she will work out the menu together with you. What is the occasion? How many people? What special dietary requirements are there?

Lisa hesitates to provide per item pricing for catering. “Say you have had the Cranberry Turkey Breast Panini and wanted to serve that at your event. You don't need to order 10 individual paninis for the group. I prefer to price for the total quantity of the food provided rather than by the piece. This method will work out better for you in the long run,” she explains. There is a formula to determine how much food per person would be required adjusting to cover portions for any kids.

When asked who she considers her competition, Lisa answered that, “I really don't worry about the competition. We are here to provide the distinct Cafe Dolce difference. Good food, pleasant presentation, priced to meet your needs.”

The catering package can either be delivered or picked up. Depending upon the type of drop off, or drop-off/setup, there may be a delivery charge included. You could also rent the space at Cafe Dolce to hold your event.

When your next catering event comes up, consider contacting Lisa Hall, Director of Catering at 774-571-1805 or via email at dolce dot catering at live dot com.

Note: Cafe Dolce is also exploring social media tools to spread the word on what they do and to help communicate with their customers and fans. You can join Cafe Dolce on Facebook here

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