Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Live reporting - Audit actions, budget, FY 10

3. Discussion Only Items
  • Town – School Agreement
  • Budget to Actual
  • FY10 Budget
Notes on #1

Goodman - review of the agreement between the Town and School to formalize and eliminate the forensic audit recommendation.

For example; custodial expenses by the Town for the schools behalf have been formalized to be charged appropriately. The Technology staff is paid initially by the Schools and charged across to the Town. Both sides should be reviewing this agreement on an annual basis.

The end of year report will be used to calculate the "net school spending" amount that the State uses to track how well we are doing. As referenced during the budget discussions, this amount is getting close to the State minimum required level.

Rohrbach - where does the Charter School fit in?
Goodman - it is a factor on the Town side for the "net school spending" calculation. Let me get a better analysis of how it fits. It is a pass through charge that we don't control.

Sabolinski - we think this is a fair representation of the operations and shared expenses between the Town and Schools.

Cafasso - You're coming up on a year?
Goodman - just over a year, we have a good healthy working relationship and I look to see it maintained.
Cafasso - Thank you, I feel more comfortable with the finances you have presented this past year.

Rohrbach - it is great to have this down and documented, it will be a good reference for future.

#3 - State level updates
Chapter 70 cut 2%
Stimulus funds were also cut
Town needs to determine how to split/absorb the cuts between the Town and Schools
Circuit breaker reduced from 60% to around 38-42% that's another $274,000 cut
Since these numbers are still fluid, the budget sub-committee needs to continue to review and await some unanswered questions before making final decisions

Cafasso - we need to see a kind of menu of items and associated dollars that could be considered.

Roy - with the Teachers agreement we were getting down to about 500,000

Sabolinski - it looks like we can add back about 23 positions based upon money that is confirmed and not changing.

Sherlock - I am a little confused. Is the 800,000 shortage Jeff Nutting had referenced now closer to the 1.1 million just discussed, or if this was in addition to the 800,000. If I understand it correctly, it is now closer to a 1.1 million short fall to the total Franklin budget. It remains to be see how it gets split between the Town and Schools.

Roy - good point, there were 60 notified, based on the numbers this far, approx 23 may be able to be returned leaving still 40-plus would be lost positions

My explanation added after the meeting: The School Committee and Administration were talking of adding teachers back based upon the consideration that 60 had been notified and were being cut. I had been working from a difference reference point. So if the School Committee had gotten their piece of the budget shortfall reduced to about 500,000 and the Town now needs to split the 1.1 million (up from the 800,000 previously discussed), then the School side could end up with another 550,000 to look to adjust the budget to cover. Coincidentally, that works out to be about 1 million to cover which could mean those teachers (that Sabolinski mentioned) aren't coming back. With such a fluid situation, all I can say is stay tuned in.

Armenio - parents should plan on program fees could still be increased and additional programs could still be cut until we have that final number.

Trahan - I agree we should keep things open until we have a final number, they should stay tuned.

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