Tuesday, August 11, 2009

live reporting - superintendent's report

a. Staffing Update
a couple of unexpected changes have occurred, one hired in June got recalled by their district, so we will be running an ad for two positions

The hand out attached below shows the updated class sizes for the elementary schools where the teachers were added back:

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b. Strategic Plan

c. Dean College Partnership
Rene Danho will be here in a future meeting to talk more about this

H1N1 - developing a Town wide pandemic plan on Friday afternoon, with other members of the Franklin town for a town-wide and school-wide response. CDC has changed their recommendation, backing down from the 7 days at home previously recommended.

We will do a H1N1 Summit, one of the challenges we had was working with physicians office. Working with them in advance to ensure we'll all be on the same page. Seek their feedback and seek a partnership with them.

September 15th target date for the H1N1 Summit

Miriam left a copy to parents, to principals related to the new online pre-payment food payment system. Will also be on the schools website. Should expedite the processing of the food line for lunches. Can prepare for multiple children on one account. Can set up an alert for triggering an email when balances fall below a set amount. Goes live on August 24th.

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