Thursday, August 13, 2009

State Approves Franklin’s Third Priority Development Site

On August 12, 2009 the State’s Interagency Permitting Board approved an application designating twenty parcels within the Town of Franklin as the Franklin Industrial Park Priority Development Site. Franklin Industrial Park Priority Development Site, Franklin’s third priority development site, consists of 20 privately owned parcels totaling 252.3+/- acres located on four roadways (Constitution Boulevard, Discovery Way, Freedom Way and Liberty Way) approximately 0.2 mile from Interstate 495’s Exit 16.

Tenants include Eagle Stainless Tube and Fabrication, Inc., Penske, Owens Minor, Fidelity Investments, Alpha Grainger Manufacturing, Inc., SMTC Manufacturing, Mid State Mold and Engineering, Wm. B. Meyer Inc., Federal Express, Barrett Distribution Centers, Lindenmeyer Munroe, Waters Distribution; William Donovan Mayflower, Schwarzkopf Technologies, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Des Lauriers Municipal Solutions Inc., Winchester Electronics, FE Knight Inc., W.J. O'Connel Company, Hilliard Precision Products, and EMC Corporation, the Town’s largest employer.

Franklin Industrial Park Priority Development Site is within the Town’s Industrial zoning district and can quickly accommodate substantial expansion and development. The Industrial zoning district allows light and medium industrial uses, warehouse and distribution uses, and business uses. Some accessory commercial uses (e.g., office park, restaurant, conference center) may be allowed by special permit. Several parcels contained within Franklin Industrial Park Priority Development Site are within the Town’s Biotechnology Use zoning overlay district.

In addition to being a priority development site, the twenty parcels are also part of the Franklin Industrial Park Economic Opportunity Area, and as such owners of these parcels are able to negotiate tax increment finance agreements with the Town for proposed projects that will result in creation of new permanent jobs, and also either result in redevelopment of empty or underutilized industrially zoned properties, or development of new research and development or manufacturing facilities.

Several buildings within Franklin Industrial Park are either empty or underutilized, and one parcel is undeveloped. The Town believes establishing large priority development sites that are also economic opportunity areas, will help create conditions favorable for business expansion, and assist property owners fill the Town’s currently empty or underutilized industrially zoned manufacturing, warehouse and office space. Creation of priority development sites within the Town’s office and industrial parks is an effective business recruitment strategy, and an important component of the Town of Franklin’s ongoing economic development plans. The priority development site designation provides a transparent and efficient process for municipal permitting, and guarantees municipal permitting decisions on priority development sites within 180 days. Franklin hopes to use the priority development site designation as an incentive to encourage existing businesses to expand, and to attract new businesses. The Town is hopeful expanding businesses will take advantage of these opportunities.

Please contact Planning and Community Development Director, Bryan Taberner, if you have questions or require additional information regarding the Town of Franklin’s priority development site initiative or other business recruitment and retainage plans.

Bryan W. Taberner, AICP
Director of Planning and Community Development
355 East Central Street
Franklin, MA 02038-1352
Phone: 508-520-4907
Fax: 508-520-4906

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