Monday, October 5, 2009

Fire Dept - Open House

The Franklin Fire Dept held an open house at the King Street Station on Sunday. This kicks off Fire Prevention Week.

When I arrived, they were showing how they would remove the roof to get a someone trapped in this car:

Kids could get involved and try holding the fire hose:

Kids could walk through a simulation of a fire in a school bus. The 'smoke' was safe. The demonstration reinforced the stay low and keep moving idea.

Tower 1, the newest addition to the equipment available was on hand to view.

The tool kit on the Tower is well stocked.

This looks like a top notch medical room. Actually, it rides on wheels. This is the inside of one of the EMT vehicles. Hopefully, you'll only get to see the inside on days like this Open House. If it is needed, you can rest assured that the Franklin Fire Dept is well equipped to provide good care.

Captain Frank Hagerty was at the platform end of Tower 1, letting folks climb inside and describing the equipment and tools available to them. The tower can extend up to 110 feet and from that vantage point be an effective platform to either fight a fire or rescue someone from a building.

There will be more opportunities to view the equipment and talk with the Fire Dept personnel at future Open Houses. Consider participating in the next one!

My thanks to Chief Gary B McCarraher and all the Fire Dept personnel who prepared this for us.

Additional information about the Fire Dept can be found on the Town website here

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