Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Register to vote by October 14th

If you want to vote in the Town Election on November 3rd, you need to register to vote by the close of business next Wednesday, October 14th.

You can go to the Town Clerk's office at the Municipal Building. As you walk in the main entrance, bear to the left. There is a short corridor and at the end of the corridor is the door to the Town Clerk's office.

If you are going to be out of town on November 3rd, you can still vote via absentee ballot. Absentee ballot applications are also available at the Town Clerk's office.

When I called Debbie Pellegri to check on the ballot for the November 3rd election, she said that there had been no changes in the slate of candidates announced previously. All were officially certified. No one had withdrawn their application.

There does remain one open ballot spot for election of a member of the Board of Assessors. If someone would like to run for that spot as a 'write-in' candidate, please contact Debbie Pellegri (508-520-4900) for details on how to conduct that type of campaign. It is important to have the name added by the voters in the same manner. These write-ins will require a manual count and it would be easier if they all were entered the same.

Additional information on voter registration process can be found here

Note: candidate signs can begin to appear no earlier than 14 days before the event, in this case the election on November 3rd. (Hence, signs can be posted beginning October 20th)

There is a Town bylaw to cover election signs. These bylaws are voted on by the Town Council.
6) Signs shall not be erected sooner than 14 days before the event to which they pertain (i.e., the offering for sale or lease of the premises, the commencement of construction or the election) and shall be removed within seven days after the conclusion of the event to which they pertain.
The full sign bylaw can be found here

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