Thursday, October 8, 2009

Live reporting - Financial Planning Committee

Attending: Bartlett, Sabolinski, Roche, Kelly, Hardesty, Whalen, Nutting, Cameron,
Missing: Wilschek, Trahan, Zollo

Also present: Glenn Jones (Town Council candidate), Ashley Studley (Milford Daily News reporter)

Reviewing the updated slide deck, slides have the most recent numbers from the FY 2010 budget cycle.

A couple of numbers here and there require further checking.

The train left the station for the high school renovation project, the only question is how many folks jump on. In first or second quarter of 2011 we should have an opportunity to vote on the final number. The state would pay during the early construction period. We would only have to pay our portion in 2012 and after.

We have a good record in that we have built three schools for a total of about $200 per tax bill.

Discussion on how to estimate the high school cost. We will know sometime around next October what the number could be but we don't know now.

Should we include a slide on the roads? Many towns try to budget for road repaving, we don't budget anything. We use Chap 90 and Water funds when we can rebuild the road. We need to acknowledge that the State gives us a lot of money to fix our roads.

You can plan to put something aside for the roads in an up economy that you can't do in a down economy. We should start building a road fund similar to what we have done with the snow/ice.

Municipal per capita spending was added, to provide a comparison against the peers, neighbors and the state average.

The adjustments can be corrected this weekend. Get it to the councilors as soon as completed. They will have time to review it before the next council meeting. The last one before the election.

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