Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why an iPhone could actually be good for your 3-year-old

But here’s the tantalizing part: If done the right way, with the right limits, handing a preschooler a smart phone could be good not just for the parents’ sanity. It might even be good for the child’s development.

Read the full article here. I question his logic. He quotes from sources to show both sides of the story but makes the leap to say it is a good thing without having proved that it is.

I think the evidence shows that kids should spend more time away from technology and TVs as long as possible. The book "Last Child in the Woods" raises the issue of "nature-deficit disorder". Kids should spend more time in nature and less time with technology. For more on this topic, you can read what I wrote earlier this year.

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via Boston Globe -- Globe Magazine by Neil Swidey on 10/30/09

Parents who hand smart phones to their preschoolers as a distraction are shocked to see how quickly the kids become pros. They may worry about such early screen time. But for this generation of "mobile kids," portable, wireless technology promises to improve the way they learn.

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