Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Live reporting - FINCOM

New business

Jeff showed a map of Franklin where the Charles River Watershed Association, an advocacy group for the Charles River, will be looking at studying how we can reduce the phosphorous output into the streams and ultimately into the Charles River.

EPA and DEP determine the regulations. Franklin, Milford and Bellingham will be part of a pilot process to see how it works. Our regulations will cover land of 2 acres while the rest of the State is covered by regulations for 5 acres.

Related to the Delcorte dam study, the ponds there help to retain the water which allows the water to have the phosphorous drain into the land rather than flowing down the stream.

Lien of Water/Sewer bills
Due to lack of payment, the sewer/and water liens will be applied to their tax bills. The banks and processing companies have determined to only pay the bill and not the lien. Once a lien is placed and penalties are accrued, there is a multiplier effect on interest penalty.

Fiscal 09 taxes, about 100 folks where they have not been paid. A lien on the property will be recorded on the Register of Deeds and posted publicly. If you do get a letter, call the Treasurer Collector immediately. The penalty interest is 16% on liens. A hundred dollar bill can add up very quickly.

An application for a grant to put solar panels on the Parmenter School is being made. No info at this time as to what the status will be.

Motion to select Rebecca Cameron as Vice-Chair
Approved 8-0

Jim Roche
Candidates are being interviewed for an open spot on the Finance Committee.

Jeff Nutting
Regional Transportation was the big cut, it affects Tri-County but not us.
We have to be cognizant of potential budget cuts during the year at the State level. We have done another sweep within the major departments to avoid expenses and save some money in anticipation of further cuts. We'd rather avoid spending now and save to avoid further cuts in overall services or personnel.

The pension system needs to be looked at to see how it is funded. No time frame has been determined yet. The lower return on investments forcing this. Calculations were based upon an 8-9 percent return. What it will mean is an increase in payment by the Town. As the older folks retire, the newer folks will be picking up a greater per cent.

Motion to adjourn
Passed 8-0

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