Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Live reporting - Metrowest Health Update

b. Metrowest Health Update – Michele Kingsland-Smith

The survey is optional, parents/students can opt out of participation

tobacco use is declining
bullying is increasing

drinking has declined but the stats are still fairly high

experimentation with drugs does begin at the middle school

The Community Health Council is meeting every other month to address issues from this report. 

Dean College has been helpful to charter the first "teen angels" in New England for our middle school students. More info on this national program can be found here.

Information on Rachel's Challenge can be found here.

Q - How many students actually took the survey?
A - About 80-90%, I don't have the exact numbers but the response rate is really high.

Q - Have there been discussion about the validity of the data?
A - The fact that the data is consistent with the regional, national results leads one to believe that the numbers are good. There is also work on the survey design to ensure that the questions are worded such to ensure good results.

Cafasso - There is no consequence for somethings that are said in Facebook. It may not be done in school, it is likely after school. The parents may not be away of it.

Kingsland-Smith - parents are not aware of what their kids are involved in, and I mean that in the kindest way. 

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