Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Live reporting - Information matters

Letter received from NEASC continuing accreditation for Franklin High School

Principal Peter Light was creative to re-invent the high school within the budget considerations. Accreditation is a ten year cycle. A self-study is prepared and then updated with a visit from NEASC. We have been on a warning status due to budget problems. We have been providing status reports yearly. We submitted this last status late as the budget had been approved late. We feel pretty confident as we move forward. We are seeing a doubling of usage for the library/resource center under the new configuration.

We still have $38,000 for subscriptions to periodicals and other materials to keep our collection current.

We have basically four major things left to respond to, the four items are related to the renovation of the building.

We'll start the process five years out for the next accreditation cycle.

Glynn - congratulations and thank you!

Building Committee meeting on Dec 14th to move forward on the project to hire the OPM and hire the architect.

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