Monday, December 7, 2009

School Committee Meeting - 12/08/09 - Agenda

1. Routine Business

Citizen’s Comments
Review of Agenda
Minutes: I recommend approval of the minutes from the Open and Executive Sessions of the November 17, 2009 School Committee Meeting.
Payment of Bills Mr. Glynn
Payroll Mrs. Douglas
FHS Student Representatives
1. Budget to Actual
2. NEASC Letters to and from FHS

2. Guests/Presentations

a. Fine Arts Academy – Mike Caple
b. Metrowest Health Update – Michele Kingsland-Smith

3. Discussion Only Items
a. 2010-2011 School Calendar Options - Maureen Sabolinski
b. H1N1 – Sally Winslow
c. Healthy Futures Summit – Maureen Sabolinski, Roberta Trahan

4. Action Items
a. I recommend adoption of Option One of the 2010-2011 School Calendar.
b. I recommend approval of Remington Middle School’s request to declare the listed books as surplus.
c. I recommend acceptance of two checks ($25.00 & $53.30) totaling $78.30 from Adirondack Vending for the RMS for supplies.
d. I recommend acceptance of a check for $300.00 from Fidelity for the Annie Sullivan Middle School for in-house enrichment, supplies and supplemental curriculum materials.
e. I recommend acceptance of a check for $1050.00 from ASMS PCC for buses for field trips.

5. Information Matters

Superintendent’s Report
b. Grant Update
c. FHS Facilities
d. Enrollment Comparison

School Committee Sub-Committee Reports
School Committee Liaison Reports

6. New Business
To discuss future business that may be brought before the School Committee.

7. Executive Session
Contractual Negotiations

8. Adjourn

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