Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Live reporting - Biotech zoning changes proposed

– Bryan Taberner – Bio-Tech Zoning

Recognizing efforts to attract bio-tech business to the industrial areas of the town, there are two proposed changes (1) to remove the requirement for a permit by the Town Council (this is an extra level in comparison to other communities). (2) adjusting the parcels covered by the existing zoning, adding several parcels, removing one (actually recently added to the Town Forest).

What examples of bio-tech does this cover?
Very comprehensive way to handle and dispose of materials. Level 2 slightly infectious agents. Level 4 would cover anthrax (which would not be permitted in this zoning).

Level 2 and Level 3 are the busy areas with the majority of the research being done.
We would be catching up with other communities with these changes.

Worcester requires a Board of Health permit and nothing else. Cambridge has substantial amounts of special permitting required but has been home to several operations and is recognized. Multiple levels of safety plans are required before getting a permit there.

If we were to go that far, we would need an additional consultant to assist the Board of Health with the application and review process.

We have the overlay districts which other communities doesn't do.
We were given a bronze rating as a "bio-tech' ready community. This is the lowest of the four level of ratings. Eliminating the special permit will get us to the "silver" rating.

Zollo - What would enable us to go from silver to gold?
Brian - To get a higher rating is a marketing effort itself. Press releases will help. Changes to the website to help say we welcome bio-tech. Getting into a real-estate magazine would help. The State is assisting us in marketing.

Pfeffer - By removing the one parcel, this will alleviate some fears amongst the residents that had come up previously.

Nutting - this will be coming back for a formal vote. We would like this evening to solicit questions and can come back with detailed answers.

Jones - What kind of complaints are you getting?
Brian - I have been doing research and heard of one from several years ago. But it was before my time and I don't know the name of the company.

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