Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Live reporting - closing items

Administrator report

Met with GATRA to see if there are ways to improve service
Need to look at ways to increase ridership
Still at about half the ridership that they had forecasted and were expecting

Snow report (will post later)
Will come forward to overspend the snow account

Cost per road mile compared to 10 or so other communities, we are at the bottom in comparison

Old Business
Fiscal policies, are they posted?
Globe had article on biotechnology, thanks to Bryan for his work

New business
none around

Councilor Comments
Powderly - be aware of scams regarding Haiti fundraising
Kindergarten registration coning up in Feb
Thanks to D Pellgri for running with her staff the special election in a great manner

Zollo - commend the citizens for getting out to vote
commend Downtown Partnership for collaboration on the downtown project
the project will be instrumental to the success of downtown

McGann - Congratulations to our new Senator, Scott Brown

Pfeffer - thanks to the Council on Aging for providing dinner for the Council
Type II Diabetes veterans of WWII may qualify for a disability pension

Kelly - thanks to the voters for doing their civic duty

Jones - thanks to 68% for coming out to vote, compared to the 16% that came out for our election

Mason - they always make us feel so welcome when we go to the Senior Center

Budget workshop with Finance, School Committee, discussion on common knowledge base, not budget itself  Monday in the 3rd Floor training room at 6:30 PM

motion to adjourn, passed

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