Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Live reporting - Solid Waste Q&A

Separate carts for waste and recylcing

no longer need to purchase the other barrels households use
RFID reader embedded in the handle to track, to improve tracking on pickups and customer service

estimate savings at 11-20% in recycling
municipal buildings est savings at 42%
school buildings est savings at 55%

reduces water weight of trash

curbside collection fee currently $244 being reduced to $220 with this process

Q - Can seniors bring the barrels to the front in a snow storm
A - These should be easier to move around than their regular barrells

Once you get through the initial hump and get going, it is a great system. I believe we'll be here next year to reduce the rates again.

Barrells should last ten-fifteen years with normal use

Q - If an owner takes them away, what would happen with the new owner
A - With the tracking system, we'll know where they are. We will replace the units and go after the prior owner.

Q - How quickly can we implement this?
A - We have a tentative agreement to begin July 1. We will need to come back with an 800,000 bond request to fund the initial carts to be financed over five years.

Q - Will the colors be like this?
A - They'll be green. If you pay your fee, we'll pick up. They read the chip each pickup, so even if yours ends up at a neighbors we'll know.

In Mansfield, for 6400 customers, 100 take a larger size.
We also have the Beaver St recycling facility to handle excess.

Monitoring things from a computer will be easier, in the long run should get less calls and complaints and more efficiencies. Once we get past the initial rollout this summer, we should be fine.

Motion to move to second reading - passed 8-0

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