Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Live reporting - Downtown Project update

Eugene Bolinger, vice president, Weston & Sampson

The presentation document can be found here

Update on Downtown Project - Weston and Sampson

Conversations began in 2002 (or perhaps earlier)
public workshops involved during 2002-2007
grant applications prepared during 2004, 2005

High Priority Project - $5 million
PWED grant - $1 million

public participation process, workshops, presentation, Q&A, input
to work with all entities within the community
Downtown Partnership meeting Thursday morning

The PWED project will be more under the Town control, they will be issuing the contracts vs. the fuller project will have more MA government agency involvement and a longer review period
Applied for the 10 million grant, received 5 million, actually getting one million per year and it is all in our account now.
The PWED grant was applied for multiple times and ultimately awarded recently.

All the work, except for the water main is covered by Federal and State grants. The water main was part of our cycle and timed to occur now.

If the utilities were to move underground, that would be funded separately.

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