Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hitchhiking amongst Education Resources

Jeff Roy had posted some education blogs worth reviewing a couple of week ago on the Franklin School Committee blog. In the spirit of traveling amongst good education sites this week, I have some of my favorite education sites to add to his listing. (Note: the order listed is simply following down the subscription listing in my RSS Reader and not any other scientific weighting or ranking.)

1 - David Warlick, a well traveled speaker and noted educational blogger. That his website is called 2 Cents helped catch my attention but he has mode than made it worthwhile to continue subscribing to it. His post on Monday referenced QR Code which coincidentally I had written about last week.

2 - Dr Scott McLeod is one of the authors of the "Did You Know" series of videos that has circulated amongst the web highlighting the problems with education. I have quoted from him frequently, and shared many of his posts. He actually has new post where he announces adding three blogs to his CASTLE collection. They are likely ones I add here but are so new to me at this time, we'll hold that off until later. (What is CASTLE? It is the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE), the nation's only academic center dedicated to the technology needs of school administrators.)

3 - Robert F. Bruner, Dean, Darden School of Business of the Univ of Virginia, writes at Dean's Blog. He doesn't post frequently but does post good thoughtful pieces. A recent piece on the recession has a graphic that is quite telling depicting the job losses from this period compared to all other recessions/depressions. It is a sobering graph!

4 - Free Technology for Teachers publishes frequently with lots of really good resources. I have shared many here but there are so many, I don't try to do them all. It would be overwhelming. 'Nuf said.

5 - Literacy is Priceless, a blog for reading teachers is a good resource. A recent posting on Personal Learning Networks features Will Richardson who coincidentally is also on my listing.

6 - Wesley Fryer writes at Moving at the Speed of Creativity. He has his daughter frequently contribute to explore the technology they use together. VoiceThread is one they posted about when visiting the St Louis Arch. I have used VoiceThread on the Joyful Jubilant Learning Blog

7 - Will Richardson, is an author and educational speaker. He writes at Webblogg-ed. He used to teach at Hunterdon Central High School, in Flemington, NJ. Had I not taken the opportunity to move to Franklin many years ago, the girls would likely have gone to this high school. As mentioned above, Will was interviewed on Personal Learning Networks and that video can be seen here:

These are just a few of the good educational resources available today. Have you found one to share?

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