Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zoning Board of Appeals - Agenda - 4/1/10

The Zoning Board of Appeals has their agenda posted to the Town website here (PDF) 

There are three major items on the agenda with hearing scheduled for the following time periods:

7:30 PM 
Lot 6A Miller St – Miller Street Realty Trust, Edward Kaiser, Trustee

Applicant is seeking a building permit to build a single family home on a lot that has 109.19 feet of street frontage where 125’ is required and lot width of 56’ where 112.5’ is required. This building permit is denied without a variance/special permit from the ZBA.

7:40 PM
691 East Central Street - Dan VanRoon

Applicant is seeking a special permit/variance to increase impervious coverage from 18.4% where the max of 15% is allowed in a water resource district. The by-law only addresses industrial and commercial zones up to 60% with a special permit. This building is in a Residential I zone and the coverage will be 19.6%. A variance/special permit will be needed from the ZBA for relief.

7:50 PM
56 Pine Street - Hope Hotchkiss and John Shea

Applicant is seeking building permits for three additions to a SFR home. The building permits are denied without variances from the ZBA for constructing an addition on the front of the house with a side setback of 20.1 where 25’ is required and a front setback of 36.5 where 40’ is required. Construct an addition on the side of the house 23.7’ from side setback where 40’ is required. Construct an addition on rear of house 37.6’ from front setback where 40’ is required.

Franklin, MA

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