Thursday, April 1, 2010

Franklin, MA: Design Review Guidelines

Continuing the series on the Franklin, MA Planning process:
These design guidelines have been prepared to assist business and property owners in protecting and enhancing the design character of commercial and industrial areas in the Town of Franklin. This handbook is the result of a collective effort by Town officials, members of the Design Review Commission (DRC) and the local design community, and planning consultants. Its guiding principles are based on a general belief that high quality of design and construction contribute to enhance the economic vitality of business districts, and improve the overall quality of living.

The guidelines will be used by the DRC as a basis for the review and approval of new projects,  improvements, and additions to existing buildings. They are also intended as a source of helpful information and ideas for owners, designers and builders.

This document is divided into five parts:
  • Part I describes the general purpose and contents of the handbook and includes brief recounts of the Town’s historic background, and the history of the design review process. It also summarizes the process and requirements for application for design review and approval.
  • Part II contains site and building guidelines of general application, organized by topics.
  • Part III contains site and building guidelines that specifically apply to downtown Franklin, the commercial corridors outside of the downtown area, or “big box” development. These guidelines are to be applied in addition to the general guidelines listed on Part II.
  • Part IV focuses on signage and sign requirements.
  • Part V includes appendices with further information and resource materials.
The full guideline document can be found on the Town website here (PDF). Note: it is a large document and will take sometime to download.

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