Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Notice the new menu?

Maybe I am longing for spring to really arrive. Yes, April showers bring May flowers but did March need to drown us? Anyway, I am trying out some of the new features available for this Google blog.

Did you notice the new menu?

Located just below the header "Franklin Matters".

You'll now see a series of pages available to get to specific sections quickly.
  • The "Home" link will get you back to the top page from where ever you are.
  • The "Welcome" page will house the audio slideshow I did to help you navigate around the page. (Yes, I'll need to update it now that I have added this menu.)
  • The "Why Franklin Matters?" page combines why I do this as a public service with my disclosure posting.
  • The "Weekly podcast" page will get you to the Franklin Matters Weekly podcast posts. It should be easier to find a particular week there. All the details are still here but mixed with all the other posts.
  • The "Meeting Notes 2010", "Meeting Notes 2009", and "Meeting Notes 2008" do the same thing for each calendar year. They provide the link to each meeting or event that was reported on.
  • The "Important Links" brings above the fold easy access to other key links.

I hope this works better for you.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send me an email at

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