Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Conservation Commission - Price Chopper

The applicant team presented to the Conservation Commission on May 13th for the site proposal at 485 East Central St.

You can view the video on the Franklin website here

The property is 9.6 acres, zoned Commercial 2

Review of water flow on the property, on both sides of the access road

Spaces for 307 vehicles in the parking lot for the proposed supermarket, approx. 61,000 sq ft. Current zoning requires this number of parking spots, the tenant also agrees that this amount would be consistent with the use of the property as proposed. (Note: this differs from the proposal for the Big Y down the road, where they are proposing less parking than zoning required with substantial information to support the lesser number.)

Prior development plans included the plans coming right up to RT 140 (East Central St), current plans would be recessed from RT 140.

Recommend a site walk before the hearing is closed to better understand the proposal and the property itself

Proposal includes a "fully actuated lighting system at the intersection" this would require approval from MassHighway

Applicant will be going for an LEED certification, hoping to achieve a "silver" classification.

Explanation of wetlands activities, mitigation, prior disturbances, attempted restoration of prior conditions.
Notice of Intent (NOI) cites specifics.

Site walk scheduled for 5/18/10 at 6:30 PM

Nick Alferi comments, calculation of permitting fee was short, dollar amount provided
Documents submitted require additional information
Plantings need to be specified and be on the "best practices guide"
Construction sequence was missing some statements
De-watering plan is required
Need to address "bubbling water"

A project description need to tell what the property is like and what it will look like, existing conditions were well explained but the construction details need to be expanded upon it.

The existing cliff is going to be moved back 40-50 feet.

The building would be put on the property on top of the existing rock, the parking lot would be at a level lower, and the existing access road would remain at a level still lower
The elevation of the north retaining wall would be about 50ft at its highest point
The access road would be expanded as it approached the intersection

Motion to continue public hearing May 27th (time TBD), passed 5-0

Franklin, MA

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