Monday, May 17, 2010

Live reporting - Franklin Market (Price Chopper)

Planning Board
Halligan recused for the hearing on the Franklin Market, 485 East Central St.
John Carroll, the associate Planning Board member has been activated for this hearing/decision.

The shuffling of the large plan drawings are irritating to the ears on the broadcast

There would be a single building with a proposed 307 parking spots, less than the requirement already approved. The prior plan was for multiple businesses in a smaller foot print.

Went before the Conservation Commission on May 13th, doing a site walk through on 5/18 and then coming back before the Conservation Commission on May 27th.

Design Review submission planned to get on the agenda for the June 8th meeting

A good deal of additional information required for submission

Zoning Board of Appeals would be involved later as the plans finalized to cover the removal of the stone.

MASSHighway will be involved as there is a proposed light at the intersection of 140 and the access road.
The applicant plans to have a dedicated left turn lane from 140 into Chestnut Ridge, as well as a dedicated right turn lane from the other direction on 140 into the Chestnut Ridge. The section along 140 would be widened to allow for the turning lanes and maintaining sidewalks.

Store is proposed for a 24 hour operation. Most of the shelf stocking would be done during the off hours but there would be staff to handle purchases of the few around the clock.

The building height would bring the roof equal to the ledge existing. The roof would contain air conditioner units and while screened and muffled for sound would clearly be visible.

The loading dock and dumpsters would be positioned along the East Central side of the building.

There are wetlands and sewer issues to be handled.

The unit would be operated as a Price Chopper in the proposed 61,000 sq. ft. building.

Several residents spoke of concerns about the blasting required to bring the wall back another 50 ft.

Bryan Taberner spoke to address some of the concerns expressed by the residents.
Beth Dahlstrom addressed the special permit requirements which is the one area where the Planning Board will have some leeway to address the concerns on the quality of life, etc.

LEED - Leadership in Energy and Efficient Design  More on LEED can be found here.

One resident was calling for a "master plan". There is a master plan and it is being updated this year.

Beth Dalhstrom also reminded the audience that the plans as submitted by the applicant are available for review by all the residents in the Planning Dept. There is also a public copy available in the Council Chambers for reference during the meeting.

June 8th - Design review
June 21st - continue public hearing at 7:15 PM

Franklin, MA

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