Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's in? What's out? - either way, vote June 8th!

What’s in and what’s out?
Override Fails
Override Passes
Loss of: 7 elementary teachers 
and 8 middle school teachers
Staffing remains at FY10 levels
Club and activity fees at middle and high school will double to $50. Athletic fees will increase and move to a tiered system, resulting in fees ranging from $175 to $450 (up from current $125 fee)
No fee increases
Class sizes
Significant increases in class sizes in grades K‐8 and a shortened school day at elementary schools
No changes
Elimination of 3 buses
No change in service
Loss of three police dispatchers; potential implementation of recorded service for emergency call system; less coverage of parking meters and parking enforcement downtown
No change in service
Loss of one firefighter; uncertainty on availability of 2nd ambulance; revenue loss from ambulance fees
No change in service
Needed roadway repairs delayed indefinitely; 3 less employees; slower response times
Road repairs begin
Loss of one half‐time employee; reduction in book budget of over $60,000.
No changes

For more information on the special election June 8th to approve an increase of $3 Million to maintain services for Franklin, visit this page:

Franklin, MA

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