Saturday, July 17, 2010

If you've already read Dark Tide

The Dark Tide was the book selected for the "Franklin Reads" program in 2008.

And from the Library newsletter:

Introducing One Book Two Communities. “Franklin Reads” is three years old. We are pleased to expand this program to include the Community of Medway. Book selection is in progress and we invite you all to participate in this exciting adventure.

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Stephen Puleo, author of the definitive work on our very own Molasses Flood, has a new book out on the history of Boston between 1850 and 1890: A City So Grand.
Chris Klein reviews the book, says it's a great read, but left him melancholy:
... Back then, Bostonians literally moved mountains to resculpt the city, filling in waterways and creating the Back Bay. Puleo writes that the Great Coliseum, 500 feet long and 300 feet wide, that held 50,000 people for the Great Peace Jubilee was built in just 90 days. 90 days!
Boston still plays a leading role in science, technology, and education. In the last 20 years, Boston has had some notable achievements such as the cleanup of Boston Harbor and the Big Dig, but even while the Big Dig was an engineering marvel it was a long, protracted project and not necessarily a source of pride. These days, we can't even stage an event such as the Parade of Tall Ships without constant bickering and political infighting. There's a huge hole festering in Downtown Crossing where the old Filene's building, a Boston institution, once stood. I fear that it's becoming a symbol of a can't-do spirit in the city. Could Boston build the Great Coliseum in just 90 days today? I doubt it. ...
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