Sunday, July 11, 2010

Franklin Area Blogs: scouts, reverend, and chiropractor services

We are getting to the 'one-of' kind of blogs that populate the remainder of my listing of Franklin Area Blogs.

First up is the Cub Scouts with Franklin Cub Scout Pack 126

Rev Charley Eastman, of the Franklin Federated Church, writes at Federated Rev

Dr Dan Van Roon, who runs a chiropractic service (yes, the same one who created a stir recently when he tried proposing to move to a new location at the corner of RT 140 and Jordan Road), writes frequently at Van Roon Chiropractic

The most recent updates from each of these blogs can be found in the Franklin Area Blogs section, along the far right column here on Franklin Matters.

Click through to visit them from time to time and let them know you heard about them here!


Franklin, MA

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