Monday, August 9, 2010

ice cream as 'a treat that's refreshing and new'

At Spruce Pond Creamery's takeout window, Kenneth Josephson ordered two scoops of maple walnut ice cream, the only flavor he's tried for many years.
"I liked maple walnut when I was young. I still like it," said the retired engineer. "If you like something, why change it?"
That might surprise Marc Bluestein, who opened the combination ice cream parlor and organic pizzeria at 370 King St. in Franklin 11 years ago with his brother Gary.
They've prospered by adapting to new nutritional trends by serving a diverse and healthy menu featuring organic pizza and organic beer and all natural ice cream, which they make on site.
While many ice cream parlors are small specially shops located in a plaza or squeezed between bigger buildings, Spruce Pond Creamery is spacious and has a country ambience with a rear balcony overlooking its namesake pond.
"The only thing I don't have is a pasture with cows," said Bluestein, who has owned two other restaurants in Rhode Island and also worked many years in finance and administration.
The creamery serves about 50 flavors of all-natural homemade ice cream as well as "no fat, no sugar" soft serve yogurt and several varieties of sorbet.
Read more about other ice cream places in the area in the Milford Daily News here:

Trivia question: Something is wrong with this sign, can you tell what it is?

Updated 8/13/10:

The answer to the question is that the sign is the "old" one and not the one showing today:

This picture was taken on an overcast day in June. The picture above shows the sign in April before Spruce Pond updated it to show that they can now server beer and wine.

Franklin, MA


  1. I can't tell what's wrong with the sign, but I ate there for the first time this week, and this place is going to be a regular stop for us now, I think. :D Fantastic pizza! I look forward to trying the icecream!

  2. My wife the amateur proof reader (she does a number on the MDN each day) could not find a problem. This is getting lost on the blog. What is the answer?

    Ken Norman