Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Live reporting - District Improvement Plan

2. Guests/Presentations

b. District Improvement Plan

Sally Winslow (asst Superintendent), Maureen Sabolinski (Superintendent), Michele Kingsland-Smith

The document being discussed was posted earlier and can be found here

1st goal - page 4

From the Strategic Plan they developed the first DIP
Next year, to continue the evolution of the planning process, the whole team will be here to present

developing district wide benchmarks for writing for each grade level
writing expectations in the sense of genre themes (friendly letter, list, story, etc.)

Inching towards 2014, where every student should be at 100%
while we are a high performing district, our growth rate is slowing
in the next MCAS cycle, the bar will be raised higher

Will need to update this for the new core standards that MA just accepted

2nd goal - page 5

Learning how to use the data
Learning walks, how can we work together to be better
a departure in culture, empowering our teachers and teacher leaders
need to develop a communication plan, how it should be communicated out

3rd goal - page 6

Sally - updated to include other data sources
K-12 health wellness added
MA bullying prevention requirements, evidence based
develop curriculum with kids participation
using the open circle as more a proactive than reactive tool
utilize the bullying task force to help in this area

4th goal - page 7

updating the emergency plans to account for staffing changes, new principals
training for all staff required by the MA bullying requirements
attempting to do similar to the Ethics regulations, PowerPoint, and sign-off

Q - Glynn - Does DESE provide training materials?
Winslow - They did provide some at the training but they are supposed to be supplying more
Sabolinski - We are so far ahead of other districts, we would likely take what DESE provides and customize it to our needs, we are poised to use open circle having used it for 10 years

Q - Glynn - is there any quantitative measure to this?
Sabolinski - there will be, there is not yet currently, DESE hasn't established the source yet, the timeline is for September, so we are awaiting their guidelines, we do anticipate having additional data points to work with

5th goal - page 8

Leveraging positive relationships with Dean College to expand in this area
Healthy futures with the Y, Miriam spent time in Boston on the nutrition conference, helping student makes better decisions

6th goal - page 8

Our community resources are dwindling

Evaluation resources are more structure to provide implementation status

Added an observation check list to set some consistent instructional expectations across the district
minimal instructional info for lesson plans

I add that wile the Strategic Plan (which I had helped to work on with the Steering Committee) has come a long way, it is really being fleshed out nicely. The community relationship section is lacking however, we (the big group 'we') have an issue with getting sufficient funding. One commenter already asked where the PCC's were? We should add something more in this section. Specifically to engage the community.

Franklin, MA

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